“The sustainability of cities is front and center, with population growth raising critical questions about cities’ ability to absorb what is expected to be a historic migration in coming decades. According to the United Nations, three million people move to cities around the world every week, and urban populations are expected to nearly double by 2050. Cities are outgrowing housing, energy, and traffic infrastructures, with degrading air quality, and few will be able to build their way out of the imbalance.”

It’s up to us to plan for this impact and create a micro-city at Mesa del Sol that can be used as an example.

Environmental Sustainability

With environmental sustainability and resource preservation at the core of our development choices, we’ll approach Mesa del Sol planning using a method called geodesign. In this practice, we can responsibly manage natural resources while considering the future impact of population growth in the area—and the carbon footprint we’ll leave behind for future generations. This community is better positioned to provide citizens a sustainable future that won’t compromise the land, water or air quality essential to our lives.

Sustainable Energy Generation

Priorities in the progression of Mesa del Sol are energy generation from solar and wind power, shared garden space, and smart waste and water management.

Green & Natural Space Preservation

We are planning for additional large green spaces, as well as walk/biking trails that will interconnect different areas of the community preserving much of the natural landscape, vegetation and habitats for New Mexico’s animal population.