Mesa del Sol is focused on smart development centered around technology and strength of community planning to prioritize our growth with an eye on our future.

Smart technology - We Will Develop

Microgrid Technology

Connecting people, information and technology to improve quality of life, education, innovation, and information access. 

Cohesive Infrastructure

Starting with smart infrastructure related to commercial, residential and shared resource development will include irrigation systems, highest-speed internet access, roads and public transportation with full integration into existing city transportation, as well as smart transport within Mesa del Sol.

Smart Transportation

The Mesa del Sol development team is committed to designing and implementing a smart transportation system that will allow residents to navigate with safety and ease throughout the merging community.  This may include autonomous vehicles as well as electric vehicle and scooter networks with many charging stations to support the network.

Community Planning

  • Great strides will be made to foster premium education at Mesa del Sol, through local schools that will receive additional financial support from funds generated through Mesa del Sol area improvements that provide long-term income.
  • Residential community planning at Mesa del Sol fosters inclusion and acceptance of all walks of life and is designed to self-support and sustain the quality of life we all deserve. Available and accessible housing consists of a healthy mix of single-family residences, corporate housing and multi- unit structures, as well as lower income housing. 
  • Employment – We are planning unprecedented strides toward introducing more high-paying employment opportunities on Mesa del Sol. Data centers, tech campuses and new warehousing will be constructed to sustain research and emerging technology companies and provide for the addition of more manufacturing opportunities. Through these efforts, we can retain local talent, and support improved career paths for students from our state universities.