A Safe Community

With the use of technology, smart devices, and citizen reporting, a safe neighborhood networking solution will be developed allowing for a collective approach to public safety.

A Focus on Safety

Access Points

When we limit the entry and exit points of a community it limits whose coming in and out.  It provides a natural level of protection for the community.

Asset Tracking Technology

We are looking into asset tracking technology that can capture whose coming and going.  This allows us to gather the information that can keep us safe and support potential efforts to identify those who may have malicious intent.

Impactful Relationships

We have been developing relationships with Albuquerque Police Department and with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department to ensure patrols happen regularly in the area. Privately-funded paid patrols are occuring during nights and weekend

Smart Cameras

Research is actively being conducted on the best products to utilize at Mesa del Sol for added security to community areas.  These cameras feature:

  • Pedestrian Activity Monitoring
  • Traffic Count Analytics and Patterns
  • Speaker Capabilities for Road Side and Distress Assistance

Lighting the Way

Lighting will be added and maintained throughout the community as well as traffic controls such as speed bumps, round abouts and reduced posted speed limits.

Reduced Traffic Reduces Driving Hazards

  • Those who work and live in the community will experience reduced traffic congestion and time in traffic.  A recent linkedin survey that was featured in Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine revealed that 85% of us would take a pay cut for a shorter commute. The research shows that commuters spend more than double on travel per month. Coupled with the stress of traffic headed to and from the westside of Albuquerque and less time with friends and family.  Albuquerque wants less commute time and Mesa del Sol provides for that relief.
  • Both yesterday and today, the location of Mesa del Sol fights public perception of being miles away from everything. Take a drive out to Mesa del Sol on a fall evening to not only enjoy the promise of a spectacular, mesa-top sunset, but to experience how quickly you’ll arrive. Commute traffic to Mesa del Sol is arguably the lightest in the city— and there’s no river to cross to get to downtown. I know we’ve all experienced the frustration of traveling over our city’s bridges in rush hour traffic at least once in our lives (and for some it’s a daily occurrence). Mesa del Sol as a home base alleviates that daily frustration, and the location is close to primary destinations— only five minutes from the Albuquerque International Sunport, 10 minutes from Downtown, and 13 minutes from Uptown.