Director of Development Set to Speak at Master Plan Communities Event, Oct. 23

Director of Engineering for Mesa del Sol, Manny Barrera, is set to speak at the Albuquerque Metro Current & Future Master Plan Communities event, Oct. 23 at the Albuquerque Marriott.

Director of Development for Mesa del Sol, Manny Barrera PE, is set to speak at the Albuquerque Metro Current & Future Master Plan Communities event, Oct. 23 at the Albuquerque Marriott.


Master planned communities continue to be feasible throughout the United States. According to recent data obtained by New Mexico Business Weekly, there has been an 11 percent increase of homes sold since 2012, in the top 20 master planned communities in the country, respectively. Mesa del Sol’s sister community, Stapleton of Denver, made the list. Mesa del Sol’s growth is slowly making a comeback as the recession has had a significant impact on the Albuquerque market.


The topic of master planned communities will be in the spotlight with Mesa del Sol’s Director of Development, Manny Barrera, leading a talk at the Albuquerque Metro Current & Future Master Plan Communities event on October 23. In addition to Barrera, other speakers comprise, Garret Price, vice president of land development and acquisition at Pulte Homes in Albuquerque, and Jeanie Springer-Knight, developer at Springer5 Investments.


“I’m excited to share information about Mesa del Sol, learn from industry peers, and collaborate with community leaders and top developers in the area,” Barrera said.


In addition to Mesa del Sol, other master planned communities that will be included in the event comprise Westland North, Pulte Del Webb at Mirehaven, Unser Gateway, Satolina. The event will take place from 7:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Albuquerque Marriott on Thursday, October 23. Registration information can be found here.


ABQ Singing Road Entertains Drivers on Route 66


Route 66 Singing Road entertains Albuquerque drivers. Image courtesy: Albuquerque Journal

Route 66 Singing Road entertains Albuquerque drivers. Image courtesy: Albuquerque Journal

Rumble strips were originally placed on roadways to help keep soporific drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. Now, the application of rumble strips has shifted into a fun and entertaining way of rewarding drivers for going the speed limit by “singing” America The Beautiful when someone drives over it.

This strip of rhythmic road, at 364 Highway 66 East, leading to the mountain town of Tijeras was created and paid for as part of National Geographic’s show, “Crowd Control;” set to debut in November.

The only other strip of “singing road” is located in California. That strip plays, William Tell Overture.

In order for drivers to hear the tune, they must travel the speed limit of 45 miles-per-hour (mph). If a driver exceeds or travels at a slower pace, the tune cannot be heard.

Watch the reaction of a Sandia Park resident when she discovered the singing road.

Photo Booth Adds Fun Feature to Special Events


Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico owners, Greg DeLelles and his family clown around while posing in one of their booths. Image courtesy: Photo Booth Rentals of NM.

Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico owners, Greg DeLelles and his family clown around while posing in one of their booths. Image courtesy: Photo Booth Rentals of NM.


Are you hosting a party and looking for the perfect icebreaker? Look no further; Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico has you covered. From holiday parties to weddings, photo booths are a trendy and entertaining accessory to add to any special event.

You may have noticed the Movies on the Mesa event included a photo booth for attendees to enjoy. It just so happens the business owners recently purchased a home in Mesa del Sol. We sat down with the owner, Greg DeLelles, to get the inside scoop.


Q: How long has your company been in business?

A: We started off in 2008 as the first photo booth rental company in New Mexico, beginning with just one photo booth. Since then we’ve grown to currently having eight photo booths available for rental, and plan on having 10-12 by the end of 2015.


Q: What is the mission of your business?

A: To provide a ton of fun to the guests of the folks who hire our service.


Q: What inspired you to create Photo Booths Rentals of New Mexico?

A: We saw photo booth rental companies popping up in New York and in California who were sort of revolutionizing wedding receptions and special events in general with great success, and thought, “why should they have all the fun?” We wanted to bring that same fun and excitement to events in New Mexico.


Q: What events are the best fit for your rentals?

A: Any sort of party or event where there are at least a dozen people expected to attend. We rent our photo booths by the hour, so we want our customers to get the most for their money. Meaning, we want people to be constantly using the photo booth while we have it at their event.


Q: Is there a photo booth rental “season?”

A: There are certainly several seasons where we see an uptick in photo booth rentals, by far the biggest being wedding season, which is considered to be late April to early June and late August to early October. We also see a lot of graduation parties at the end of the school year and company parties during the holiday season.


Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico offers graduation specials tailored to celebrate your graduate’s achievements in style. Image courtesy: Photo Booth Rentals of NM.

Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico offers graduation specials tailored to celebrate your graduate’s achievements in style. Image courtesy: Photo Booth Rentals of NM.


Q: What advice would you give someone considering a photo booth for their event?

A: We often hear event guests saying that the photo booth is the absolute highlight of the event. With that in mind, someone considering renting a photo booth for their event should construct their entertainment budget around the photo booth rental cost. They won’t regret it.


Q: What makes your photo booths/service different than competitors?

A: We set out in 2008 to be the best at what we do, and our years of experience has really given us an edge over our competitors. Here are just a few things that set us apart:

  • We come dressed correctly for your event. If you’re throwing a formal event, like a wedding reception or a prom, our photo booth attendants will be dressed in tuxedos and formal dresses, not polos and blue jeans.
  • The photo paper we use is the best in the business. The photo strips will last a lifetime. Some of our competitors use paper that won’t stand the test of time.
  • All of our competitors will generally bring props as a default to a photo booth rental, but we take great pride in having the newest, coolest, most unique props for your event. We also have custom props for popular theme-parties. Not only that, but our props are always displayed in an organized fashion. We don’t bring a chest full of props and plop it next to the photo booth forcing guests to dig through it to find their perfect sunglasses and boa. We actually organize all of our props neatly on a covered table so people can easily find the props they’d like to use, and keep the props tidy and organized throughout the event.
  • Our digital photo booths are super-reliable. In the rare event of a technical malfunction, we have experienced technicians and backup equipment, which means we’ll still be up-and-running even if something were to go wrong. Most of our competitors would just pack up and leave, and issue a refund.


Q: Tell me about your new home purchase in Mesa del Sol and why you chose to live here.

A: We’re really happy with our new house in Mesa del Sol. The house turned out beautiful, and the fact that it’s a green home and community was a big selling point for us. We plan on adding solar panels to the house after we get settled in. We also love the fact that our house is so close to a park and pool, and that there’s a fitness center we have access to.


Q: What are some of the benefits of life at Mesa del Sol?

A: The main benefit is that the location is all-around better for our business, as it’s much closer to a greater percentage of the events we cater to (Downtown, Nob Hill, Uptown, etc), and has much closer access to I-25/40. It’s an excellent location for a traveling business.


Q: What are some things that make Mesa del Sol unique?

A: The fact that there’s such economic diversity in a brand new development is really cool. It’s really great that Mesa del Sol caters to such a wide range of demographics.


Mesa del Sol development continues to expand and enhance the enjoyable atmosphere that attracts homebuyers, like Greg, to this unique urban community. To learn more about available home listings at Mesa del Sol click here.


Albuquerque Water Passes the Test

Albuquerque water passed the blind taste test from a panel of judges evaluating the water quality of several area states. Image courtesy: Natural Grocers

On Monday, Albuquerque’s water was ruled the best by a panel of judges asked to evaluate the water quality of the region. The judges based their decision on clarity, odor, mouth feel, and taste from six municipal water systems in New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.


Although the judges were all local celebrities and professionals in the field of water, they blindly tested the water samples. Click here for the remainder of the story.

Mesa del Sol Founders Wall Q&A’s

Mesa del Sol’s Founders Wall is located along the perimeter of Portrait Park.

Mesa del Sol’s Founders Wall is located along the perimeter of Portrait Park.

As one walks through Portrait Park at Mesa del Sol, you may notice what looks like a retaining wall of flagstone amalgamated with desert landscaping. A deeper look of the wall reveals names carefully engraved on various pieces of the wall flanking a piece that reads, “Founders Wall.” For someone unfamiliar with this project, it is important to explain  what the “Founders Wall” represents and its significance to the community.

Franklin Giron, Project Engineering Technician of Mesa del Sol, gives us the story.

Question: Who thought of the idea of the “Founders Wall?”
Answer: It was thought of in a marketing/residential meeting to spark interest in home buying and as a means to acknowledge those who became pioneers in the Mesa del Sol residential development. We leaned toward the adventurous nature of a buyer to be a part of something new.

Question: Why was it implemented?
Answer: It was implemented as a kick off to Mesa del Sol’s residential program in helping generate interest in the project by offering something unique to the first 100 people that purchased a home. We also wanted to kick start the tight sense of community among residents by bringing them together.

Question: What does the Founders Wall symbolize for the community of Mesa del Sol?
Answer: It symbolizes our overall goal of closeness of the community, shared values of the residents and a strong foundation.

Question: How many names does it have right now?
Answer: The wall is about 50% full, with a large amount of names queued up for the next round of engravings.

Question: What is the process for getting one’s name engraved and how long does it take?
Answer: In order to have your name on the Founders Wall, you must be one of the first 100 residents to have purchased a home at Mesa del Sol. The engravings are done in bulk rounds. Once the residents provide us with approved copy we start production. The names can be up to, but not exceed 3 lines of 15 characters each including spaces.

Question: Who decides where the engraved names are placed?
Answer: It is a team collaboration between Mesa del Sol personnel and a professional we have engaged to assist us.  In an effort to avoid having the wall resemble a memorial wall, it was decided to place the names and local imagery on the wall evenly yet artistically to create a fun focal point in our first neighborhood park, Portrait Park.

Question: Are there plans for expansion if it gets full?
Answer: There are no plans for expansion in keeping true to the intent of it being a Founders Wall.

For more information about the Founders Wall or to post a question that wasn’t addressed, please email Franklin Giron at




Resident John Mayer Explains The Benefits of Life in Mesa del Sol

Caption: Mesa del Sol Resident, John Mayer, enjoys the lack of traffic and bike trails of the community.

Mesa del Sol Resident, John Mayer, enjoys the lack of traffic and bike trails of the community.

At Mesa del Sol, we’ve tried to take everything that Albuquerque offers and turn it up a notch. From an ideal location, to an approach to sustainability that can reduce costs and boost productivity. Even the high quality of life, which this region is known for, gets better with a community plan that lets people spend less time in their cars and more in the New Mexico outdoors.

Speaking of the outdoors, that is one reason resident, John Mayer, purchased a home in Mesa del Sol. For ten years, Mayer, would spend his time traveling between Durango, Colorado and Albuquerque for work. He would stay at the hotels near the Albuquerque Sunport and ride his bike in the evenings to Mesa del Sol.

“I would ride out here because there wasn’t any traffic,” Mayer said. “I always thought, “wow,” this is a great spot; it’s private, yet close to everything.”

Mayer has since indicated how welcoming the neighbors were when he purchased his home and how he enjoys being part of the unique community of Mesa del Sol.

“Everyone is really friendly and kind,” Mayer said. “They watch my place when I’m not here and everyone gets together for different events such as the movie night and potlucks. It’s been a refreshing sense of community.”

Mayer also enjoys the quick commute to work and scenery encompassed within Mesa del Sol.

“It’s so pretty out here and a lot of people are under the misconception that Mesa del Sol is far, when it’s really not,” Mayer said. “All you have to do is come out here and see for yourself. It’s actually a growing community. Before I purchased my home here, I would check out what was new when I went on my bike rides. It’s [Mesa del Sol] really come a long way in the last few years.”

Mesa del Sol’s developers put emphasis on smart growth, sustainability and community when creating the plan for Mesa del Sol.

“We focus primarily on letting potential home buyers know Mesa del Sol is a welcoming neighborhood comprised of great people, amenities, and the New Mexican lifestyle that provides for a strong community with a better quality of life,” said Manny Barrera, Director of Development for Mesa del Sol.

“I really enjoy having my house here and being so close to work,” Mayer said. “It really does make things easier and less stressful.”

For more information about current homes available at Mesa del Sol or learn more about the new urban community, please join our interest list or browse the Home Finder tool.