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Q: How many homes will be in this first neighborhood?
A: The first neighborhood includes sites for 213 homes.

Q: Are the homes at Mesa del Sol being designed just for the typical “couple with kids” buyer?
A: We’re working to make Mesa del Sol anything but typical. There will certainly be plenty of home choices for traditional families. But we’re also designing homes that we think will appeal to singles, first-time homebuyers, empty-nesters, redheaded people with cats … anyone who would enjoy living in an energetic, walkable neighborhood.

Q: Will the homes at Mesa del Sol save energy and water?
Absolutely. The homes here will include a variety of features to improve comfort, lower energy demand, reduce carbon emissions and conserve water. (Which means the homes will save you money on your utilities bill, too.)

Q: Will the homes be Energy Star® certified or registered with Build Green New Mexico?
A: Yes. In fact, Mesa del Sol will be one of the first communities in New Mexico where every home is designed to meet the latest Energy Star standard, Version 3.0, as well the Build Green NM Silver standard. And that’s the minimum requirement. Some builders may elect to create homes that surpass both standards.

Q: Will I be able to buy a solar-powered home at Mesa del Sol?
A: Yes indeed. Many of the homes here will offer solar power either as an included feature or an option for buyers.

Q: Can I buy a homesite and select my own builder to construct a custom home?
A: The short answer is, no. However almost all of the homes in Mesa del Sol are semi-custom, giving homebuyers plenty of choices. Again, by working only with a select group of homebuilders, we’re creating carefully designed street scenes that will only grow more beautiful as the community matures.

Q: Will oversized lots be available to accommodate camper trailers, boats, etc.?
A: We’re sorry to say that while some of the larger home sites will accommodate three car garages, they will not allow for recreational vehicles or accessory sports equipment storage.

Q: Will aircraft noise from the Sunport be a problem?
A: Mesa del Sol is not within any Albuquerque International Sunport flight patterns. For the sake of comparison, spend a little time in the neighborhoods next to the University of New Mexico. They’re about the same distance from the airport as Mesa del Sol.

Q: Does Mesa del Sol have a homeowners association and covenants?
Yes. The association operates and maintains common areas, including neighborhood parks and pools. There s also a community council that will fund or sponsor community events and activities such as farmers markets, parades and so forth. And while Mesa del Sol will have a basic set of neighborhood covenants, these covenants will be appropriate for the kind of artful, near-urban community we’re trying to create. Also, an individual homebuilder may create a sub-association, which would serve only the residents who live in the homes built by the particular builder.

Q: What’s the water situation at Mesa del Sol?
A: Mesa del Sol is part of the City of Albuquerque, so its water will come from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. And we’ve designed Mesa del Sol to make the most of every drop. Among large-scale developments, it’s one of the most water-wise in the country and has one of the most conservative water-use plans of any area of Albuquerque. In fact, Mesa del Sol may be the first project of this scale to employ systemic storm water harvesting and wastewater use in a high desert landscaping design.

Q: I’ve heard Mesa del Sol called a “New Urbanist” development. What is New Urbanism?
A: New Urbanism is a real estate development philosophy that incorporates features of older cities and towns. Mesa del Sol does, in fact, utilize a number of New Urbanist elements. For example, the way it mixes homes, shops, schools and offices so that you can walk to all these places. Also, its use of architecture inspired by authentic regional styles. If you boil New Urbanism down, what you get is the intent to create places that provide lasting value. Places that are smart, friendly and beautiful. And Mesa del Sol will be all that.