Everyday is Sunny at Mesa del Sol

Albuquerque is a Great Place to Soak up the Sun

“Albuquerque is renowned for having the best year round weather in the USA.” Low humidity and warm temperatures (70°F/21°C is the yearly average) combine to make Albuquerque a great place to live all year around. [Click here for full article from VisitABQ]

Here at Mesa del Sol we love to spend quality time outdoors. We thrive in the sunshine, and are lucky enough to get lots of it. In fact Albuquerque has an average of 278 days of sunshine per year [Source].

At Mesa del Sol we have great facilities to spend time outdoors.

  • Our residents love to let their furry friends get exercise, by letting them off their leash, at the large dog park, within walking distance of all the homes in our community.

MDS_2013-1149        MDS_2013-3084


  • Kids are often found at the playground located near the center of Mesa del Sol.
  • We love to take a hike on the nature trail surrounding our community. The trail really gives a sense of serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city.
  • Mesa del Sol features the city’s only Lacrosse field.
  • Plus many other amenities to spend time soaking up the wonderful New Mexico sun.

Albuquerque is located in the heart of the land of Enchantment. With plenty of sunshine, and mild temperatures, it really is the most enchanting place around.