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An opportunity to raise the bar.

Thanks to our water-wise, pedestrian-friendly, nature-preserving community plan, Mesa del Sol’s first neighborhood, Portrait Park, has received Build Green New Mexico’s highest rating of 4 Stars. And our builders are creating homes that will significantly reduce your energy usage … and your utility bill.

We think “sustainability” is really just another word for “smart.” And at Mesa del Sol, we’re aiming for genius.

Having more and using less: A holistic approach.

Yes, sustainable practices allow us to use a lot less of our natural resources. But these same practices give us more of other things. Important things, like time, health, economic prosperity and a greater sense of connection to nature and to our fellow humans.

Take our first neighborhood, Portrait Park, for example. Here, you can already walk from home to a public charter school, a nice park and a neighborhood café. And along the way, you’ll be strolling past plantings of native species that are both beautiful and very unthirsty. And we’ve preserved acres of natural space and wildlife corridors … because not all the neighbors here are human.

Then there are the homes. All are certified to meet the Energy Star 3.0 standard and designed to achieve the Build Green NM Silver rating. The average home in Mesa del Sol will use 34% less water than the average Albuquerque home. And you can take your greenness to the next level with features such as solar power and rainwater harvesting. All of which will leave you with more of a different sort of green at the end of every month.

Founded on prosperity.

Sustainability is often described as having three primary elements or pillars: social, environmental and economic. Mesa del Sol began with economic development and job creation years before the first homes began to appear.

It just makes sense. Attract solid businesses with New Mexico’s nurturing economic climate. Great businesses create good jobs. Good jobs allow people to buy homes. This is a very simplified description of Mesa del Sol’s economic development model, which is actually an intricate partnership between companies, government agencies and educational institutions. But the logic holds true: a community founded on prosperity has the best chance of growing strong.

We’re also encouraging economic growth outside the borders of Mesa del Sol. For example, we helped set up a co-op of South Valley growers to help supply the plant material for the community’s landscaped areas. So we spur the local economy and depend less on fossil fuels to ship materials to us.

Using our heads instead of our water.

Among large-scale developments, Mesa del Sol is one of the most water-wise in the country and has one of the most conservative water-use plans of any area of Albuquerque.

Parks and other public landscaped areas have been meticulously designed using native, drought-resistant plants and a reclaimed water system. And the homes include rainwater harvesting and other water-saving features. In fact, Mesa del Sol may be the first project of this scale to employ systemic storm water harvesting and wastewater use in a high desert landscaping design.

Albuquerque may not have a lot of water. But we make up for it with an abundance of good ideas.

We want to inspire you.

“Can a ten-year-old on a bike get from home to school, to the park and to the store?” That’s the top criteria for a well-designed community according to renowned urban planner Peter Calthorpe. A walkable community is a more convenient community, where things like schools and parks and maybe your office are closer to your home. It’s also a healthier community, where more people spend more time walking or biking and less time stressed out in traffic.


Think green. LEED® and Energy Star 3.0

LEED Silver

Mesa del Sol is the first planned community in New Mexico where all homes are built and performance-tested both to the Energy Star® 3.0 and to the Build Green NM Silver standards. Additionally, solar power will be an option on many of the homes here. Ask your sales representative for more information.

The U.S. Green Building Council developed the Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (or LEED) system to encourage sustainable building.

A building that is LEED-certified has been designed and performance-tested to adhere to a high standard of energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality and materials re-use and recycling.

Depending on how well a building performs, it may receive one of four certification levels: Certified; Silver; Gold; or the highest award, Platinum.