Recreation at Mesa del Sol includes parks, pools, trails and restaurants.

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Here a park, there a park.

Recreation opportunities are a cornerstone of life at Mesa del Sol. Eventually, Mesa del Sol will include thousands of acres of park space. And an extensive network of trails will make it a pleasure to get around the community on foot or bike.

In the context of our first neighborhood, which is just over 200 homes, there will be about ten neighborhood parks. We’re not talking huge parks. The largest, located in the middle of the neighborhood, is about 1.5 acres. Most homes will be a block or two from a park and about a third of the homes in this first neighborhood overlook a park. And just to the south, a long park — with our first swimming pool, no less — will stretch the length of the neighborhood.

Heading to the park or pool with the kids will be no big deal. Just grab the sunscreen and hit the door. And if you’re one of the lucky people with a home that faces a park, it will be like having a huge front yard that you don’t have to mow.

Make a splash.

Mesa del Sol’s first neighborhood swimming pool opened in July of 2013. The pool includes two colorful “Funbrella” water features, shade structure, lounge chairs and plenty of room for more than 70 swimmers to splash away the hot summer days.

The pool is located “splash-dab” in the middle of Mesa del Sol’s first neighborhood, an easy walk from any home.

Nature in your backyard.

There’s something about being up on this mesa. The sky seems bigger. The mountains closer. It’s enough to make you forget you’re only 15 minutes from downtown Albuquerque. This sense of connection to the land is something we want to maintain in Mesa del Sol.

Among the 3,200 acres that we’re setting aside for parks and open space, a large portion will be left natural. A network of large, open space corridors will frame the region’s most prized landmarks: Sandia Crest, South Sandia Peak, Mosca Peak, Ladron Mountain and Mount Taylor.




Walk. Chat. Relax.

That’s a recipe for a pleasant Saturday afternoon of recreation. We are excited to share the plan for Mesa del Sol includes a town center at the heart of the community.

The existing Aperture Center building, right next to our first residential neighborhood, is the gateway to Mesa del Sol’s main town center. Currently, employees and residents can utilize the 24-hour fitness facility with a variety of weights and cardio equipment for a workout not far from their home or office.




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