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A new, improved day.

Where you live has a lot to do with how well you live. A simple example: if your home is close to your job, you have a short commute. Which leaves you with more time and less of that hurried, harried feeling.

That’s Mesa del Sol in a nutshell. Not just a different place to live, but a healthier, more connected, more earth-friendly way to live.

What’s here and what’s to come.

Here at Mesa del Sol, we’re full steam ahead with more exciting plans in the works!

What’s here:

  • 1-acre dog park (Currently being expanded–completion expected early 2015)
  • 1.4-acre Portrait Park (neighborhood park)
  • Neighborhood swimming pool
  • Neighborhood fitness center
  • The International School – grades K-8 charter school
  • Hundreds of happy residents

What’s to come:

  • The first phase of the Mesa del Sol trail network
  • 250 new homesites
  • Neighborhood parks

It’s the actual community part of the community.

If you think about it, all the homes and offices and everything else that’s being built here … they’re not the community. They’re just the container. Community is what happens when people come together. So we’re doing everything we can to make Mesa del Sol the kind of place that naturally draws people together.

Certainly the parks and trails are a big part of that. And when more shops and restaurants arrive, they will become favorite meeting spots. But we also want to infuse Mesa del Sol with the spirit of Albuquerque itself. Its warmth and artfulness. Its flavor. Its culture.

We’re planning different kinds of community events — concerts,  outdoor movie nights, running events and much more. Because nothing draws a crowd like a good party.