At Mesa del Sol, sustainability is important. Let us explain why by clicking the orange button and becoming part of our interest list, today.

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It’s just the way we do things.

Slowly but surely, it has become evident to most everyone that we all have to do a better job taking care of our planet. And Forest City is proud to be among those who saw the need for sustainable development somewhat sooner than later. But we have an admission to make. We’re not just doing this for the rivers and trees and polar bears. We’re also doing it for the bottom line.

Sustainable development is just that — an approach to development that can be sustained, both environmentally and economically. It saves natural resources and, in the long run, dollars. It makes the communities we build healthier and more enjoyable to live in. It makes them work better. Therefore, it makes them more valuable.

Of course, the real beauty of all this is that everyone who participates in a sustainable community gets to share in the benefits. (Yes, that’s an invitation.)

Sustaining your bottom line.

To avoid any confusion on this topic, let us say right off the bat that we think sustainability is as much about sustaining economic prosperity as it is sustaining the environment. Mesa del Sol is designed to save energy and water — which means it’s designed to save money. Mesa del Sol’s parks and open space will preserve large areas of high desert landscape and thus be more attractive to employees and customers. And a walkable community design will improve the health and productivity of those employees as it reduces their commute times and carbon emissions.

Mesa del Sol’s approach to sustainability is being recognized as one of the most ambitious and forward-looking of any large-scale development in the country. And any company that locates here will share in the glow that comes from being part of the solution.