Film and Digital Media

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Putting it all together for film and digital media.

New Mexico offers some of the country’s most generous film industry tax credits and incentives. And within New Mexico, there’s no better location for film and digital media firms than Mesa del Sol. Where else can you find massive sound stages, a LambdaRail connection to a supercomputer, a world-class data center and a top-notch film and digital media school right on the premises? These are the elements that make Mesa del Sol a total solution for film and digital media companies.

One of our first tenants was Albuquerque Studios. So any company that locates in Mesa del Sol will be walking distance from 316,000 square feet of studio, production and support space, including some of the largest and most technologically advanced sound stages in the world.

Then there’s our friendly neighborhood data center, built and maintained by none other than Nova Corporation. If you’re in Mesa del Sol, you can connect to the data center via underground conduit that’s already in place. So you can avoid the significant cost of carrier fees and the even bigger cost of setting up your own data center.

Transferring massive digital files back and forth from L.A.? Use Mesa del Sol’s LambdaRail or gigaPOP connection and say goodbye to long wait times.

All this is why ReelzChannel moved its headquarters to Mesa del Sol in early 2009. The move has allowed ReelzChannel to bring together in a single location its programming, production, web development and creative services, as well as its marketing and communications divisions. It’s a great example of how a location in Mesa del Sol can help streamline your operation, cut costs and manage risk. And being less than ten minutes from the Albuquerque airport, Mesa del Sol even makes it easier to catch a plane to L.A.

We’re also working to strengthen the future of the industry. Mesa del Sol has endowed a professorship for the University of New Mexico’s unique interdisciplinary film and digital media program. UNM is one of a handful of IPAX (Sony Pictures’ Imageworks Professional Academic Excellence) schools around the world. And where is the school? In Mesa del Sol’s very own Aperture Center building, right across the street from Albuquerque Studios.

Financial incentives are great, and New Mexico offers plenty of them. But cost savings are only part of the picture. Mesa del Sol offers a complete, long-term vision.