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Albuquerque Studios: Rearranging the landscape.

Albuquerque StudiosThe State of New Mexico’s support for the film-making industry and the country’s third largest crew base were among the factors that attracted Albuquerque Studios to the state. (The short flight to L.A. helped, too.) Then at Mesa del Sol, it found lots of available land, a location minutes from the airport and a vision for becoming a film and digital industry Mecca. Once the studio arrived, it promptly changed the look of the land — both with its fresh approach to film and television production and with its mammoth soundstage buildings.



Fidelity Investments: On your mark, get set, grow!

Fidelity InvestmentsIn January 2008, Fidelity Investments announced that it had chosen Mesa del Sol as the site of its new 217,000-square-foot operations center. By December of the same year, it was cutting the ribbon on the first phase of its new facility in Mesa del Sol. The facility achieved LEED® Gold certification for its healthy, resource-efficient design.




Molina Healthcare: A healthy move.

Molina HealthcareMolina Healthcare chose to put its data center in Albuquerque (and Mesa del Sol) for solid business reasons: comparatively low cost of doing business, an educated work force and the fact that this region doesn’t experience natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes. And recognizing the connection between sustaining the business and sustaining the environment, Molina created a 25,000-square-foot facility that received LEED® Gold certification.




Reelzchannel: More efficient on every level.

ReelzChannelWhen the Emmy Award-winning ReelzChannel® moved its headquarters to Mesa del Sol in 2009, it was about more than taking advantage of all of New Mexico’s financial benefits. It was about streamlining the network’s entire operation. With its new facility in Mesa del Sol, the network has brought programming, production, web development, creative services, marketing and communications divisions under the same roof for the first time.