Tax Incentives

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Here, government is a partner.

New Mexico offers tax incentives and other programs that support job creation, the production and use of renewable energy, professional training, filmmaking … well, it’s a long list. Get the details below.

As-of-right incentives.

  • Job Training Incentive Program
  • Industrial Revenue Bond
  • High Wage Job Tax Credit
  • Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit
  • Technology Jobs Tax credit
  • New Mexico Lottery Scholarships
  • Out-of-state Tuition Waiver


Incentives for film and digital media.

  • 25% Refundable tax credit
  • Film Crew Advancement Program
  • Film Loan Program

More information about each film and digital media incentive is available here.

Incentives for production and use of clean and renewable energy.

  • Advanced Energy Tax Credit
  • Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers’ Tax Credit
  • Biodiesel-blending Facility Tax Credit
  • Biomass-related Equipment & biomass Materials Tax
  • Chemicals & Reagents Gross Receipts Tax Deduction
  • Electricity Production & Transmission Compensating Tax Exemption
  • Oil & Natural Gas Receipts Tax & Compensating Tax Exemption

More information about each renewable energy incentive is available here.