Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate

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Commercial Real Estate. Good for business.

When companies like Fidelity Investments and Nova Corporation began looking at commercial real estate in Albuquerque, NM, they found a long list of advantages. And when these companies began to focus on Mesa del Sol, the list got even longer. From its central location to its walkable community plan, Mesa del Sol takes the best of Albuquerque and makes it even better.

We invite you to do what our other tenants have done: take a good, long look at Albuquerque. Then drill down into what makes Mesa del Sol the place to be in this city.

We know how to keep big promises.

Forest City Covington
Forest City Covington combines one of the largest real estate developers in the U.S. (Forest City Enterprises) with one of the most respected real estate developers in the southwest (Covington Capital). The result is a developer partner that has the know-how and financial resources to get things done.

Forest City is a multi-billion, NYSE-traded company with a solid track record of success. We’re the creator of Denver’s Stapleton community, which has become a nationally recognized example of successful, sustainable mixed-use planning. And we have a wealth of experience across a range of project types, from LEED-certified office buildings and manufacturing plants to medical research laboratories to regional retail centers.

Of course, the real bottom line is performance — our ability to deliver a project on time and on budget. Speak with any of our commercial tenants and you’ll hear that we know how to deliver. Facing a tough deadline or financing situation? Let us tell you what we can do. Then rest assured that we’ll do it.