Bloomberg Business Highlights Mesa del Sol

Mesa del Sol, Albuquerque’s visionary mixed-use, master planned community in the southern part of the city, was recently featured in NEDO Focus, an international magazine that focuses on energy, environmental and industrial technologies. The publication touted Mesa del Sol as one of the world’s “Smart Communities,” and focused on the smart grid that is powering Mesa del Sol’s Aperture Center.

“Mesa del Sol’s smart grid is the first of its kind in the world,” said Manny Barerra, Managing Director at Mesa del Sol. “This project, which was built in conjunction with NEDO, Sandia National Labs, PNM ad UNM, is the first one where a commercial micro-grid utilized a variety of renewable energy generation and storage sources to supply power to a commercial building. The implications are huge as the U.S. looks for unique solutions to minimize impact on the nation’s electric grids.”

Bloomberg Business News was one of many national news outlets to feature this exciting story. You can read the entire Bloomberg Business article here.